P1000359Where has the summer gone ? Very sorry for my lack of posts  just been a busy time ,weddings ,shows ,orders etc which is all good and keeps me pootling along but I do apologise I must get more techno savvy and into regular posts etc . I was to be doing Pembrokeshire show but I am not now due to a holiday I could not turn down …nowhere tropical but a lovely place I would like to visit besides I was concerned the lovely people of Wales may be a tad fed up of seeing me and my wares as have done the royal Welsh and Anglesey both quite different shows but lovely customers old and new at both which is why I love traveling around doing a few shows . When I get back I will be on the start of autumnal flowers and starting to plan and think of a few Christmas things any suggestions or  ideas of things you think I may like to make up etc always gladly welcomed ,I have a few new things to try this year and will keep you posted and put some pictures up as they progress .  New available stems of Autumnal flower pictures on my return . Happy days …..petal x