Well we shouldn’t wish our lives away but it’s the dark mornings and nights that get me  at this time of year  so looking forward to the day’s drawing out a bit . Time of year to do the dreaded accounts , book events and sort stock etc .Still out and about a bit just at Newark general Market on a Wednesday and Saturday ( weather permitting ) always some fresh delights at Allington Village Store if in need of a dinner party delight or just a bit of colour to remind you spring is on its way . I say it every time but I am trying to get to grips with my website think my website chap has understandably given up on me I cannot blame him but if I offer to buy him a pint or 2 I hope he may help me get things back on track.  . It’s tricky I understand you have to move with the times and people like to shop from the comfort of the home but it’s hard to show the quality and I can’t just tweak Your display for you like I can at the market or a show . Short post sorry my trusty assistant Surry needs his walk . Will add new pics etc hopefully later today .