Well finally  the nights seems to be drawing out just an ickle bit and buds are showing in the garden . There are some lovely snowdrop displays around the area worth visiting including Easton walled gardens ( )and Great Ponton ( ) definitely worth a visit and a great way to remind you that the dark days of winter are passing and what a lovely year we have to look forward to . I have booked a few shows for this year and will get a wriggle on and get the dates posted on my website  but don’t forget if you know of any events that you think will be good for me and my displays please let me know . New stock is arriving weekly and as I have gone more technically mobile and with some well ok lots of help from Mr website ,buying etc should be easier from the website  this year . I’ve been taking some time to catch up with friends and throw more sticks with the dog but now I must get back into things as Mother’s Day and Easter are not that far away . As I said new stock starting to come in now including some new British dried flowers which I will get some pictures up on the site for you to see very soon . Time for a stick throw with the dog  bye for now .petal x