So it’s very nearly the Great Yorkshire Show . Lots of prep making up some loverly arrangements to take ,don’t forget if your visiting you can always bring me along a container of your own to fill . Find me at the front of the “shop for something different “marquee stand number 386 on the main avenue up from the brown gate . Been busy in general the Highland show was lovely as ever great people and nice and busy so happy days . As you can tell I still haven’t sorted my website for buying online I can only apologise a lovely patient chap has tried to help me but I can’t get my head around it ,you know if you need/want anything just email me and I will send you pictures check all ok and post to you but. I will/ must sort it out and accept its the future of retail but I’m old fashioned in that I like the one to one of selling but hey ho I must change anyway enough of my waffle for now I need to go and sort out some more blooms for Yorkshire . Hope to see you there X

ps I have sadly given up Stamford market for the summer due to me missing so many Friday’s just was not viable but I’m still at Newark Wednesday’s and Saturdays ( shows permitting ) will be there this Wednesday and Saturday if in the area please come and see me as ever bring tea if it’s early X