Gosh I thought I left it awhile last time between posts but oh eck🤦‍♀️ apologies . I am alive and still pootling along ,we all have  things in life to deal with for me loosing my pops last year was quite hard and worrying about my mum ,making sure she is ok ,happy and able to do what ever she enjoys has been/is  my priority , now I  think we are reaching a balance 🤞 and I can focus a bit more again on my business . If I let you down ,forgot /messed up your order I can only apologise and try harder not to let it happen again .
I’m trying to update my events list so keep an eye out but I will be @ Denton street market on the 1st of May and then first main show will be Devon mid May really looking forward to seeing old and new customers and enjoying the great atmosphere of the events .
I’ve been growing more fresh flowers this season some for cutting ,some for drying to sell /make into delights so I look forward to posting pics etc of how it’s all going . Still do my faux delights mainly the more meadowy flowers and as I update the website I will add newer /fresh pics of available flowers . Right bye for now off to enjoy the spring sunshine with a walk to see the bluebells 🤞with my pooch . 🌸