Well it’s not getting any better is it this year it seems but hey ho staying safe and looking after our loved ones is priority let’s hope for brighter times in 2021.Website not improved as you can see not the website chaps fault I just get overwhelmed with it all ,what pics ,what people want to know ,selling options etc that I put it to one side ,take the dog for a walk ,pootle about outside etc anything basically than facing up and just blooming getting on with so I apologise . I’ve lots of gorgeous faux flowers ,vintage ware etc  so feel free to email me and I will send pics etc and send out to you or check out my Facebook page (Allington petal) and I will keep that more updated mainly with fresh products though at this time of year . Have been busy mossing ready for wreathing ,cemetery small wreaths £10.00 then from £25.00 upwards depending on size content etc . Can be delivered for free locally or posted out wherever you may be for a small charge . No markets I’m afraid as we speak planned but will post on Facebook page if that changes and I may well set up in the village (Allington) for wreath and plants . Stay safe and thank you I do appreciate your support x